Hicksford Kitchens

Just like with our Flower, we strive to provide the highest quality medical Cannabis to the people of Oklahoma.

We opened our Hicksford Kitchens Edible line that way we can provide Strain-Specific, Full-Spectrum Edibles to our patients.

Gummies, Chocolate, Drink Additives and more coming to the Hicksford Kitchens Lineup.

The Full Spectrum Difference

We hand-craft our edibles with our CO2 extracted, Full Spectrum Oil.

The Cannabis plant has 400+ naturally occuring cannabinoids, also known as terpenes, within the plant, and each Cannabis strain has its own unique terpene profile.

Our Full Spectrum Oil manages to capture each strains unique cannabinoid profile, allowing the edible to have the same effect as the flower the oil was made from.

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14 Ruby Lane
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318 N Katy St
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