The year is 2022 and the cannabis industry in Oklahoma is almost 4 years old. Described by many as the wild west, it has been a learning experience for even those well versed in the legal cannabis space. During its second year of existence, our industry faced the harsh realities of a global pandemic. A nightmare surely felt in industries worldwide; ours is an industry that is chained to brick-and-mortar sales until federal legalization. While thousands of retailers were able to “shift” and launch their product lines online, dispensary owners braced themselves for what looked like a major storm rolling in.

We, as a global community, will be feeling the wide array of effects from the COVID Pandemic for many years. And then, for many years after that, we will be studying this moment in time, trying to learn from it.

One major shift in society was the amount of attention on HEALTH. And what each person’s definition of health really is. And what the thought of losing that health would make us sacrifice or change. Do you remember the people in their hazmat suits in the Cheerio aisle? We saw that shift in our patients in front of our eyes. Now questioning everything from the people they came in contact with, all the things they touched, the direction in which others breathed upon them…fear and confusion were universal. Cannabis was no exception to this new hyper-awareness. In fact, it became a focal point for many.

At Good Oil Boys, CannaMed, and Hicksford Farms, the foundation of our business is this: What you put in your body matters. Plain and simple. Now, the patients have a decision to make for themselves. What do I want to consume? How much do I know about the cannabis I am consuming? Is this cannabis free from chemicals, toxins and any other harmful contaminants? How much does the person selling me this cannabis know about what I am purchasing from them?

Because we run our retail storefronts under the seed-to-sale mentality, our patients would be hard-pressed to find a product that our bud-tenders do not know every detail of. One of the primary outputs of our lab is our Full Spectrum Oil – available via vape cartridge, activated syringes and strain-specific gummies. All of these products are made thru CO2 extraction, which is a method that allows the extractor to keep the cannabinoids of the plant intact. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away. During this process, we are able to collect the native terpenes at a super concentrated level. (Terpenes are the essential oils of the plant that we can thank for all of the scent, taste and a large part of the medical benefits of cannabis.) We use this oil and terpene in a ratio to best reflect the effect, taste and medicinal benefits of the original flower strain. Because we are doing everything we can to mimic the effects of smoking the flower in its original form, it is vitally important that our source material is Hicksford Farms Elite Medicine. 

Whether it be flower, prerolls, cartridges, edibles, RSO, or our array of concentrated and infused products, the source material (Hicksford Farms Flower) is held to the very highest standard.

Wherever you fall on the food spectrum; double pepperoni pizza or super berry kale salad; you know that the way your food is created affects your mental health, physical health and energy levels. On that same thread of thinking; isn’t it important to know how your cannabis is made before you smoke it, eat it or vape it?

It mattered before the pandemic and matters now. It mattered when cannabis was first reported for its many uses approximately 12,000 years ago. And it matters in 2022. We know too much now to go backwards; the existence of our Endocannabinoid system is no longer a question. It is a fact and we are evolved enough to know that what works best is the full plant working synergistically in your body. This is often referred to as the entourage effect; when cannabinoids working together create a balance in your mind, body, and spirit. 

Cannabis is the great equalizer; the promoter of homeostasis, the answer to your bodies questions. Grown the right way; with intention and integrity, clean cannabis is always the right choice. Pura Vida and thanks for reading!