Well, I’ll be, I’m glad to have ya back on the blog! Pull up a chair, and let’s jump right on into it! Jack Herer, some know him as a politician, a salesman, an activist, or an author, maybe you only know his name from the marijuana strain named after him. This is a classic case of the chicken before the egg, or was it the egg was before the chicken? Either way, the man came before all of it.

    Jack Herer was born on June 18, 1939, in New York City. When Jack was in his mid 30’s, he began to make glass blown pieces that were sold out of the headshop he founded, aptly named Third Eye Shoppe. As Jack grew in his knowledge of the cannabis plant, he felt the calling of the natural healing aspects and became a life-long activist. Jack was one of the first CEOs of Help End Marijuana Prohibition, also known as HEMP.  

The HEMP group educated people on the medicinal benefits of the plant, as well as worked with politicians on legalization. His interactions within the political realm led him to run for president twice, as a representative of the Grassroot Party.  

   Jack Herer, the strain, was cultivated in the Netherlands back in the 1990s. It was bred to give cerebral elevation, a clear-minded creative high, that can lead to increased levels of productivity. At CannaMed Dispensary you will hear us budtenders say that Jack Herer is the cup of coffee you need to start your day.

Let’s breakdown the terpene profile of the Jack Herer we carry in our shop, cultivated by none other than Hicksford Farms.

Terpinolene: found in apples, cumin, nutmeg -used for uplifting effects, antifungal, antibacterial, and may help with the risk of heart disease.

Limonene: found in fruit rinds, and Juniper- used for Anti- anxiety, stress, heartburn and gastric reflux, ect.

Caryophyllene: found in black pepper, cinnamon, hops -used for inflammation, antiseptic, pain, and diabetes.

When you smell the Jack Herer flower, you will get hints of coffee, earthy, and some peppery notes. When you smoke Jack Herer, a slight sweetness comes through on the inhale.

 The best part of waking up, is Jack in your bowl, joint, or blunt! If you need neuropathic pain relief, are struggling with ADD/ADHD, or depression, or just need a pep in your step, come to CannaMed and get some Jack, hold the Daniels.

Come by anytime and drop the code word “GROOVY” to your budtender, so that they can hook you up. Thank you for spending time with me today on Comfy Talks with BreBre, God bless, and see ya soon!